still life

Still Life

Still lifes enable the painter to create a composition of sublime harmony,  sort of a world in and of itself. Every object is carefuly examined until the perfect team of players is achieved. Then the relationship between the each of the various elements is played with, while keeping in mind the larger picture and the desired mood and direction of the composition.

A Quiet Moment Between Friends
Odalisque’s Dream
Canine Vanitas
Paddington No. 1
Don’t Forget to Brush
The Inquisitive Puppy
Scents and Spices From the Orient
The Sabbath Table
Red Roots for the Soup Pot
Thinking About a Soup
Minestrone time
Soup’s On
Fruit with Flowers
Composition with Tangerines
The Forgotten Samurai
50 Shades of Blue
50 Shades of Red
Fruit Reflecting in the Sabbath Candlesticks
Aperitif in Blue with Lemon
Reaching Out in Friendship
A Sip or Two
Student’s Book Bag

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