The hardest aspect of painting en plein air for me is deciding where to draw the line. I sometimes find myself in front of breath-taking scenery that makes my spirit sing. My desire is to capture it all. Indeed, sometimes I will opt for a broad, panoramic view. But usually the element I am searching for lies in finding just the right ratio between the broad vista and the point of interest in the foreground.

Autumn Harvest, Tuscan Hills
Into the Hills, Tuscan back country
Olives Ripening in the Tuscan Countryside
The Lone Tree
Overlooking the Cinque Terre, Italy
Medieval Doorway, Fosdinovo, Tuscany
Too Cold to Sail
Misty Morning on Wolfgangsee, Austrian Alps
Towards the Setting Sun
Overlooking the Cinque Terre, Italy
Pioneer Cottage, Mizkeret Batya, Israel
Saint Andrews Church, Jerusalem

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