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Drawing and sketching have always been a crucial element of Kimchi’s design process.

Jeremy Kimchi (b. 1965, USA) is an artist who works in several media. Since 1992, when he established his studio, he has worked primarily as a wood artist, designing and hand-crafting one of a kind creations in solid hardwoods. Kimchi creates mainly sculptural furniture and wall-mounted sculptures. His works adorn both private and public spaces throughout the U.S. and Israel. He has exhibited his work in numerous venues, and over the years has developed his own original style and created a unique niche combining design and art.

Drawing and sketching have always been a crucial element of Kimchi’s design process. Early on in his career Kimchi became enamored with drawing and painting for their own sake. Studying under numerous teachers he began with drawing in pencil. and charcoal. Then he undertook painting in watercolors, before moving on to acrylics and oils. Among other frameworks Kimchi studied life drawing at the Hershberg Art Academy in Jerusalem. This was followed by a stint of sculpting from life in ceramic.

In recent years Kimchi has returned to watercolors and delved in deeply. He studied mainly under Beni Gassenbauer who greatly influenced his approach to watercolor.

As in his wood art, Kimchi enjoys exploring the richness and variety of various genres, whether it be in still life, landscapes or portraits.

Kimchi sees painting as a way of seeing – and of sharing one’s own artistic perspective with others. His wish is that others may enjoy and value the expressions of his brush.

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